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February 9 • 16 • 23 & March 2 | 8pm (Singapore) • 9am (Argentina) EMPTY SPACE WOMB OF SHAPE

Hello from Singapore!

I am Dorothy, the host for Marina's Empty Space Womb of Shape workshop in February. Since you are on her mailing list you are receiving this information and we highly appreciate you can spread the word. Here is the link for the video presentation

You can sign up at:

This course includes Prezi presentations with exemplars and videos, four workshop sessions with instruction and demonstration by Marina, as well as access to a Private Facebook group where participants can post their works and receive helpful critique. The cost is USD180.

I attached a PDF with information about this workshop. Please let me know if you have any questions.

If you have further questions please send me an email to Dorothy Lim

Thank you!

warm regards,

Dorothy Lim & Marina Soria The Art of Letters

Empty Space workshop publicity
Download PDF • 2.50MB

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