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Most in-person classes have been canceled, but many teachers have moved their classes online. On the JNB website, we have listed the online classes that teachers have brought to our attention. Click the link on the button below to see the full list. This list is continuously updated. If you have questions about any of these online classes, please contact the instructor. We at John Neal Books do not have additional information on the classes other than the recommended (or required) supply lists that are posted on the JNB website under the instructors' names. John Neal Books is not hosting the classes. When you order supplies for an online class that is taught live, please let us know the date you need the supplies. Do this in the Comments or Instructions field on the Shipping Information page during checkout. This is important; the USPS is presently overwhelmed and mail can take much longer to be delivered. If you are teaching online, CLICK HERE for information on getting your class listed on the John Neal Books website. t the Online Classes Page Mike Gold and Brenda Walton Happy Mail: Art of the Decorated Envelope | May 15

Karen Daughtry Calligraphy & Contemplation | June 10 & 17

Schin Loong (through Calligraphic Drawing | (2 classes) May 7, 10, 14 & 17; 9am and 5pm PT

Britt Rohr (thro

ugh Digitizing | (2 classes) May 18, 21, 25 & 28; 9am and 5pm PT

Legacies III 2021 Virtual Conference | July 3 - 10

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