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Write on the Edge classes are now online!

Workshop Announcement!

Our world-class faculty has created a delicious alphabet soup of classes for Write on the Edge! Prepare to feast your eyes on this something-for-everyone collection of new, in-person classes to be taught at Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, California, next June. You can take a look at this great selection by visiting the Classes page on our website.

Along with this exciting event on the road to the conference, we will be posting our Personal Information, and Housing and Tuition forms, which will be due, along with a payment of 25% of your conference balance, on Monday, November 15th. You must be logged in to access these forms.

Other key dates to keep on your calendar are:

January 1, 2022 All other forms will be posted online along with conference add-on pricing (for activities such as transportation and optional excursions)

March 15, 2022 Final balance due Last day to cancel and receive a full refund of balance paid, minus non-refundable deposit Class preferences form due

April 1, 2022 Market Night forms with promo photos due Tutorial forms due

April 15, 2022 Class assignments issued

May 1, 2022 Last day to cancel and receive a 50% refund All excursions, shuttles, and merchandise add-on fees due

May 25, 2022 Last day to cancel and receive a 30% refund No refunds after this date Travel information due

June 25 Welcome to Write on the Edge!! With best regards,

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